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History and Mission

In 1935, a small group of friends met to form a social club and, in 1936, the fledgling club became federated under the National Garden Club and the Garden Club of South Carolina. As the years progressed, the club grew beyond garden teas and flower arranging to include programs to serve the community.  In 2010, under the leadership of club President Jackie Palmer, and at the request of the Garden Club of South Carolina, the Lancaster Garden Club applied for and was granted the legal status of a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization by the Internal Revenue Service. The club is now poised to request grants to grow its community service projects and to accept donations to assist in these endeavors.

Today, the Lancaster Garden Club encourages the planting of native trees and flowers, promotes the conservation of natural resources, furthers civic plantings and landscaping, and supports educational youth programs and projects related to gardening.